Professional and Compassionate Intervention and Treatment

        For Alcohol, Drugs and other Addictive Disorders

“Like drinking stars,” is how one of my clients described the sensation of consuming alcohol. Imagine the feeling of being able to capture and hold the entire Milky Way in your hand, this is what the addict feels she is losing every time she puts down her bottle—marijuana, cocaine, heroin, pills, or food.

          For the person suffering from addiction, alcohol and drugs present an unbearable paradox: “This drink, this drug, this thing that I can’t live without is killing me!” In other words, for addicted persons, recovery means abandoning the very things that sustain them. This makes life extremely difficult for the people who love them and are trying to help. The upheaval and chaos created by addiction can tear families apart.

          The goal of intervention is to help families address these problems, and the people who struggle with them, with more hope and less dread. That the fear and trepidation with which alcoholics, addicts, their friends and family members often approach therapy and recovery, will be replaced with a renewed sense of faith in themselves, other human beings, and the possibilities of their lives.

  Intervention ~ An Expression of Love and Respect